A design-focused building firm
Built for modern living

We take pride in delivering a successful project.

Our seamless process—a perfect blend of exceptional craftsmanship with project management expertise—has garnered us a reputation for producing finely crafted renovations and custom homes that are as unique as the people who live in them.

Through a modern design lens, we elevate experiences with the transformative combination of intelligent design and quality workmanship. We aim to enhance lives by creating spaces that are enduring, habitable and warmly engaging, and it is our devotion to detail that makes us artists of our craft.

But most of all, the success of each project grows from our passion. We love what we do. No two projects are the same and witnessing each unique narrative come to life for clients to call home is, for us, incredibly fulfilling.

Flux Developments is the Toronto-based building practice of siblings Linda and Don Aquila.

Since the beginning, they have applied their incredible talents and wide range of experiences into establishing a full-service company built on integrity. Each project is a testament to Flux Development’s conviction that an inspiring home environment improves one’s well-being.

Linda Aquila

Co-founder and Director of Client Operations

Linda’s proficiency in documentation is integral to this company’s client operations, a skill she developed during her sound employment in the market-data industry where she managed all aspects of major global projects at the top five Canadian banks.

Her passion for design led her to acquire a certificate in interior design and to operate her own home-staging company, assisting real estate agents in showcasing luxury homes for sale. At Flux Developments, she ensures a smooth delivery of every project with her meticulous organization and client communication.

Don Aquila

Co-founder and President

Don brings exceptional building knowledge, a keen eye for detail, and vital management skills to this innovative firm, which are translated from his education in architecture and over 20 years of valuable experience in the construction industry.

For seven years, he was the founder of a boutique furniture company where he designed and hand-crafted modern furnishings for a distinct Toronto market. At Flux Developments, he has a hands-on approach and is deeply involved in every project.

We are built for modern living.

From inception to completion, we carefully manage each project to guarantee client satisfaction.
Not only is the success of each project formed out of our passion and seamless construction process but it also grows from our guiding principles:

We are respectful.

Respect is ever-present in our daily operations. We work closely with you and our trusted team of highly skilled professionals on an ongoing basis, always treating one another with respect and equality—and we hold each other to that standard.

We deliver quality.

What defines us is our unwavering dedication to quality. Our devotion to detail ensures every aspect of the project is executed with the utmost care and crafted of the highest standards. No detail is overlooked.

We are reliable.

We listen. We are honest. But most of all, we are responsive and present throughout the entire process. Building or renovating a home is one of the most significant investments you can take on in your life—and we understand this. That’s why we are with you every step of the way by listening to your needs and executing clear timelines along with an outstanding level of communication, transparency and commitment.

We tread lightly on Earth.

We are deeply committed to managing projects with a focus on environmental responsibility, such as participating in the separating and recycling of construction waste in addition to recommending sustainable options to our clients. Our team follows strict job-site guidelines, enforcing a clean and orderly site to avoid unnecessary damages to property and materials. Whenever possible, we do our part.

We are innovative.

We take pride in our progressive building knowledge—from materials to methods of construction—to efficiently design and construct lasting homes tailored to each client. We are constantly innovating and ever-evolving to deliver excellence and grow with the industry.

We are friendly.

We are approachable and calm—and we love to have fun. Infusing laughter throughout the process makes it an enjoyable adventure.

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