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Flux Developments
Drôle House
A main-floor rear addition and interior renovation
Square footage
Square footage (addition)
Kiely Ramos

Colour infuses personality into this family home like a breath of fresh air. What was once a cramped, tired main floor of a narrow single-family home is now a welcoming, creative abode thanks to a first-floor rear addition, a modified floor plan, and an eclectic combination of finishes. This renovation project — encompassing a new generous kitchen layout, ample storage, mudroom, enclosed laundry room, and an expanded family room on the main floor along with a second-floor bathroom — makes thoughtful use of colour to create an uplifting environment replete with personal expressions.  

Light-filled and spacious, the interiors offer fluid spaces elevated with a palette that is purposely soft and natural. In the kitchen, wood cabinetry coalesces with calming hues of pastel pink and pale blue, imbuing warmth to great effect. Juxtaposing with this softness are pops of vibrant colour that punctuate the home with a playful quality. From the yellow staircase to the orange-red cabinetry pulls, this home’s use of colour speaks perfectly to the dynamic role it plays in giving meaning and generating emotion.

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